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This image shows a car before hiring our services This image shows the positive results of using our services

01. Interior Detailing

In the first place, our interior detail includes vacuuming, steam cleaning, odor neutralizing, light dog hair removal, glass cleaning, door jamb cleaning, center console cleaning, seat cleaning, leather conditioning, and UV protectant. Along with either a light carpet shampooing, fabric protective coating, or leather conditioning depending on your vehicles interior.

This image shows a car before hiring our services. This image shows the positive results of using our services

02. Exterior Detailing

In short, the exterior detail is the perfect solution to clear up light imperfections and swirls while enhancing the shine and gloss of your vehicle. Also includes our two bucket hand wash, wheel-well cleaning, full wheel detail, undercarriage wash, chemical decontamination, clay bar, and two-step polishing topped with your choice of a wax or sealant!

This image shows damaged paint from a car This image shows the new paint job after hiring our services

03. Paint Correction

Additionally, paint correction is a step above an exterior detailing. It is the leveling of clear coat or paint to a point where all the paint is free of swirl marks and light scratches. Firstly, swirl marks are essentially a cut/slice in the paint where light bounces around in the valley of the scratch and exits. This is how you see the swirl marks. Secondly, if the paint was flat, with no valley, there wouldn’t be anywhere for the light to bounce around…that is where paint correction shines the best.

This image shows a car before applying ceramisc coating This image shows a car after applying the ceramic coating we provide

04. Car Collection

Experience perfection in classic car care with our exclusive detailing service at Platinum. At Platinum, we highlight the uniqueness of each vehicle using premium products and specialized techniques. We bring detailing excellence directly to you, preserving your car's beauty in the comfort of your location.



We don't believe in "light details".

All our details come as full details to ensure we exceed your expectations.
Interior Detailing
& up
Full Interior Refresh
Crystal Clear
Interior Protected
Exterior Detailing
& up
Hand Wash
1 Step Polishing
Topped with a Sealant

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See what some of our customers have to say about our car detailing services!


Sage Pagnozzi
Sage Pagnozzi
8. November, 2023.
Great service!! Very easy process, great prices, friendly staff, and great detailing! I can't remember the last time my car looked so clean :)
Corina Lopez
Corina Lopez
7. October, 2023.
They did an awesome job on my truck.
Derek Cruz
Derek Cruz
6. March, 2023.
Unmatched workmanship!! FIVE STARS!! They are consistently meticulous about the way they do things down to every detail, my car feels and looks brand new! Best money I have ever spent!
Kim Nichols
Kim Nichols
4. October, 2022.
Platinum Auto Care I cannot say enough good things about this company. I found them by their very professional vehicles on the road, and proceeded to look into their reviews. Decided I needed to try them. They came to my home , were on time , kind and very professional. When the job was finished my car looked BEAUTIFUL. I am a rideshare driver for a living, and I can say without a doubt I will continue to use them, as well as refer my customers to them. Thank you Platinum Auto care for taking such great care of my car it means a lot to me.
Brenda Castillo
Brenda Castillo
30. September, 2022.
Highly recommend Platinum Auto Care. Making an appointment was very easy and fast. Availability was very flexible. Punctuality was on point. Honestly an overall five star service!
Milan Shah
Milan Shah
13. May, 2021.
Loved the service, changed the entire look and feel of car's interior. It started looking like new. Detailing was done with all perfection, also taken care of each and every minor things in the car. Outside cleaning including wheels, waxing, everything was so perfect. I highly recommend it. Will definitely do it again.
Tanya Stoyanova
Tanya Stoyanova
27. April, 2021.
They were very professional and did an amazing job. I was very satisfied with the finished product. I will for sure be coming back to Platinum Auto Care and will be recommending them to others.
Javier Pelayo
Javier Pelayo
14. April, 2021.
Amy Knox
Amy Knox
5. April, 2021.
Professional, responsive and my car looks gorgeous!
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen
30. March, 2021.
I am so glad I found Platinum Auto Care. Brayam and Fernando showed up at my house on time. They were professional, knowledgable, and super friendly. I had my 2021 Avalon completely detailed and wash with sealant. Brayam and Fernando definitely did a wonderful job on my car. I can't wait to find a time so the ceramic coating can be applied. I do not have an ounce of reservation recommending Platinum Auto Care to work on anyone's car. In fact, I already signed up for the monthly maintenance package. Great job and kudos to Brayam and Fernando.

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